This website represents a group of NFA owners in Virginia selling some one-of-a-kind and custom made firearms.  Many of these guns are machine guns and SBR’s and are on a Form 4 in the state of Virginia. All NFA rules apply.  The semi-auto guns can be shipped to your dealer with proper documentation.  Many of the weapons have been built by TSC Machine and are in excellent condition.  References for this group can be obtained from Mike Woodward at TSC Machine if needed.  Each gun should have a description page and price attached to the images.  If you have any questions you can contact us via the contact page at NFAVirginia@gmail.com. All NFA rules apply.  NFA Virginia is not responsible for any mistakes in the copy or any misrepresentations due to typographical errors or photos.  Any questions should be directed to NFAVirginia@gmail.com.

All photographs are property of NFA Virginia.